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6 Reasons to Cut Your Emissions By Carpooling

For most of us, getting to our jobs in the morning and back home is a necessary part of life--and we need a car that burns fossil fuels to do it. And most of us probably can't afford a Tesla Model 3 (if only...Whenever I see one I think it deserves to win some sort of "sexy car" award).

You may of course have the option to bike to work when the weather is nice. This is something I truly enjoyed back when I worked closer to my city apartment--that fresh air blowing in your face every morning and getting your heart pumping certainly provides some excellent energy that lasts throughout the day!

When I got a new job a bit father away from my apartment, although I was thrilled to get a job that better-matched my skills, I also felt a bit of guilt having a new work location that I couldn't bike to.

Luckily, during a work meeting, one of my lovely coworkers suggested something that I've found I prefer to biking (and it doesn't involve getting soaked in sweat or rain!)

It's carpooling, and here are 10 reasons why I love it:

1. You can get to know a co-worker who you otherwise might not know well

- The only thing I knew about my co-worker was that she lived in an apartment a few down from mine when we first started carpooling, but now we've found we have a lot in common! We both love running, national parks, alternative rock music, and we may even plan a trip together! I've found she's lovely to talk to and our discussions are a great way to start weekday mornings.

2. It's made me much more punctual

- While I do consider myself a morning person, being timely has never been one of my strengths (distraction is one of my specialties, and there always seems to be an endless number of them as I'm trying to get my butt out the door!)

But knowing someone depends on me for a ride or that I might make someone else late has definitely made me realize it's OK if I don't get a chance to straighten my hair or apply mascara--I feel better just being on time to work (and it's made me feel much more comfortable without as much makeup or fuss in the morning--which, let's face it, our computer screens probably see the most of).

3. I am saving money on gas

- This one is pretty obvious, but worth mentioning--since my coworker and I switch weeks to drive three days a week, we don't worry about paying each other for gas money or anything. I will drive Monday, Wednesday and Friday one week and she'll drive those days the next week. We've found going by weeks instead of days has helped us remember who's turn it is, but of course I recommend finding what would work best for you and your carpool!

4. It makes it much easier when you need to have your car repaired

- Literally right after I set up the carpooling arrangement with my coworker, I was in a car accident. Luckily I wasn't hurt, but my car unfortunately needed some serious repairs and I didn't have it for over a month. I did have to get a rental, but before I got all of that set up, it was great to know I had a ride to work (and didn't have to ride in with my husband, who has to be at work over an hour before me--I love my sacred morning "me time" which usually involves a little yoga and cuddling with my cat).

5. It's prevented me from burning myself out by staying late to work

- While we both have stayed a few minutes beyond 5 p.m. with the other's permission, long gone are the days when I'd be at the office for over an hour after I was supposed to leave. Now I leave on time and feel much more refreshed in the mornings!

6. It's made me realize it really can be easy to be green (sorry, Kermit)

- Seriously, it's so nice not having to worry about driving to and from work some days. I am honestly an anxious driver (and an anxious person in general) so this is a huge perk!

I think sometimes we may think it takes a lot of extra work to think of ways we can minimize our impact on the planet, but this is just one example of a way we can make it easy for ourselves and others.

So, if you know of someone who lives near you and you both drive to the same office (or even nearby offices), I seriously recommend you try this out--you could help save the planet and maybe even make a new friend at the same time :)

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